Under Sink Water Filter Systems

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How do under sink water filters work? 

An under sink water filter works by receiving its water from a plastic tube connected to the cold-water line under a sink. The tube diverts some of the water to the filter before the water leaves the filter through a separate plastic tube. From there, it is delivered to you via the filter’s own faucet that is mounted on top of the sink, meaning it doesn’t come into contact with unfiltered water

Are under sink water filters worth it?

Yes, an under sink water filter system features several benefits that make it worth your purchase. It saves precious countertop space by operating under your sink, making it ideal for those with limited kitchen space or living in small homes. On top of that, it provides targeted filtration that allowed you to treat water in particular rooms of your home, instead of needing to install a whole house filter. 

How often to change under sink water filter? 

The frequency in which under sink filters need to be changed depends on where they are being used. It is recommended that filters used in commercial settings should be changed at least every six months, while filters in homes should be changed every six to 12 months. However, if you have a reverse osmosis under sink filter, you only need to change it approximately every two years.

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