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Aqua Safe – High quality water filters and filtration systems

Aqua Safe is an Australian owned company who specialise in supplying a wide range of water filters, water purifiers, water filter cartridges and filtration systems. When looking for your next filtration or water purifier system, come to Aqua Safe for expert advice, service and an Australia-wide network of accredited dealers. A water purifier system can be a handy addition to any home or office environment. Aqua Safe offers many different options of water filters, such as bench top, under bench, bottled water, tap and fridge filters. Aqua Safe are also stockists of a wide selection of water filter cartridges for all of their models, which means no more time wasted trying to track down the right replacement water filter cartridge!

How do water filters work?

Water filters work by providing a water purification process that ensures water with good taste and odour, which is free from impurities. Your water purifier also gets rid of any trace impurities and sediment in the water, ensuring a healthy, clean glass of water that tastes great every time.

Why are Aqua Safe water filters and water purifiers so popular?

Water purifiers have become increasingly popular as households and offices realise the benefits of having a water filtration system at the point of use. As well as providing water that is clean and enjoyable, water filters provide water that you can be sure is of high drinking quality standard. Additionally, the health benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated are well known.

How do I buy replacement water filter cartridges?

An excellent advantage to purchasing your water filters and water purifiers from Aqua Safe is the range of water filter cartridges that are easily available. Depending on the type of water purifier you have, the water filter cartridge will need to be replaced after differing levels of use. Your Aqua Safe consultant can advise you on the appropriate water purifier for your desired purpose.

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