Floor Standing Bottled Water Coolers for Home & Office

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There’s nothing better than a refreshing hydration station at home or in the office. Aquasafe has a range of floor standing water coolers, as well as under bench boilers and chillers. Dispense safe water that’s always chilled, and have an instant, continuous supply of boiling water ready to go for that next cup of tea. 

Our free-standing bottled water coolers mechanically filter out chlorine, pesticides, lead, aluminium, copper, iron, mercury, chemicals, bacteria, and more. They are not only great when you think about all the contaminants you’ll be avoiding, but consider all the plastic water bottles you won’t need to buy, too. Refilling your cup or mug throughout the day from a free-standing bottled water cooler saves resources, time, and it won’t cost the environment.

You don’t need to buy large replacement water bottles for our floor standing water coolers. Simply refill the removable bottle with water from the tap and the water is then filtered as it runs through the system. This also eliminates OH&S issues of storing extra water bottles around the cooler.

Prioritise the health of those at home and in the office. Have a chat with one of our friendly professionals when you need help deciding which floor standing water cooler is best for you and your space.

See our detailed guide below:

What are Free Standing Water Coolers?

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