Water Coolers & Boilers

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Water Coolers and Boilers

If you are looking for water coolers and water boilers for your home or office, look no further than Aquasafe. We’ve got the best water coolers to choose from, either in-store or online. We’ve got both floor standing water coolers and benchtop water bars for you to choose from, so no matter what your space requires, we’ve got you covered. 

Floor Standing Water Coolers

Our floor standing water coolers can be placed on the ground, fully support themselves, and come with two taps. They also come with several different water filter cartridge options that suit all environments and customer needs. The B26 Water Cooler with Pure Cool Filter and Bottle filters out heavy metals, chlorine, and bacteria through multistage filtration and has an excellent water quality due to its unique water cartridge design and coconut shell carbon. There are also many options to choose from with this cooler, such as ambient, chilled or hot water upgrade with your purchase, different cooler colours to choose from, cup holders, plastic cups, and more.

Benchtop Water Bars

Our compact water dispensers can be affixed to a bench or a counter and offer convenience, great tasting, water, and mobility. Our BIBO Benchtop Waterbar is the future of water coolers and water boilers. By connecting to your main water supply, you never have to worry about filling up ever again. Simply set it up, and you have an everlasting supply of purified and filtered water in either cool or boiling temperatures. It comes in different colours, such as black, white, and red, so it is easy to find a water dispenser that fits the rest of your kitchen or office. 

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What are Free Standing Water Coolers?

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