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Welcome to Aqua Safe – Providing Melbourne Water Filters and Filtration Systems

Welcome to Aqua Safe, a completely Australian owned and operated water filter company. Aqua Safe offers a wide range of water filters, water purifiers, water filter cartridges and filtration systems for your residential home, your office or even your caravan. When looking for water filters Melbourne, water purifiers Melbourne or reverse osmosis water filters Melbourne, come to Aqua Safe for expert advice and service.

Water Quality Melbourne

The Melbourne water supply originates from a number of water storage dams/reservoirs located up to 120 km from Melbourne. The 3 main storages are Silvan Resevoir (near Mount Dandenong). Sugarloaf Reservoir (near Yarra Glen) and Greenvalve Reservoir near Somerton. Others include the Thomson Reservoir, Maroondah Reservoir and Yarra River.

Water from various storages is fed to 5 Water Treatment Plants: Winneke, The Yan Yean, Tarago, Silvan and Greenvalve. These water treatment plants then use aluminium sulphate (Winneke plant) or a similar coagulant to remove suspended material and colour before filtration, chlorination and pH adjustment with lime. Some plants also have Ultraviolet (UV) Treatment Systems. The water has fluoride added before being pumped into thousands of kilometres of distribution mains and service reservoirs.

The water treat process is undertaken by “Melbourne Water” with bulk water then supplied to separate retail companies owned by the Victorian Government who then distribute the water to consumers. These retail companies include; City West Water, South East Water and Yarra Valley Water with water also supplied to Western Water, Gippsland Water and Southern Rural Water.

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Providing Quality Water Filtration Systems to Melbourne

Aqua Safe offers many types of systems including: Benchtop and Countertop systemsUnder bench and Under sink systemsReverse Osmosis Water FiltrationShower and Bath filtersTravel and Caravan SystemsFluoride Filtration SystemsWhole House Filter SystemsFridge Filters, Commercial Filtration Systems, Free standing water coolersBoilers and Chillers and many more.

All of these systems and the many options for them are in stock and available for same day shipment, next day delivery in many capital cities including specific systems to suit; water filters Melbourne, water purifiers Melbourne and reverse osmosis Melbourne. Customers can “build their own” water filtration system to suit their particular application or requirement; selecting the particular filter type, contaminant removal and micron rating.

The flexibility to customise a water filter to suit every region, town and application, while maintaining our 10 year warranty.

We supply an extensive range of different water filters to the Melbourne area. The following however are our most popular. You can also shop our full range of Home Water Filters now!

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Melbourne

Aqua Safe stocks a variety of Reverse Osmosis Systems to suit Melbourne water quality. These systems are ideal for removing a large percentage of contaminants from your water.

Whole House Water Filter Melbourne

Looking for a Whole of House Water Filter? Check out these options. Treat the water before it enters your house and enjoy chlorine free water from all your showers, baths and taps.

Under Sink Water Filters Melbourne

Looking for an under sink water filter for your drinking water, Aqua Safe has an extensive range to choose from. Your choice of faucet and cartridge to suit.

Water Filter Cartridges

Aqua Safe are also stockists of a wide selection of water filter cartridges for all of their models and many other brands, such as Aqua One and Pure Water systems which means no more time wasted trying to track down the right replacement water filter cartridge! Searching water filters Melbourne or reverse osmosis Melbourne, just come straight to Aqua Safe, we guarantee the highest quality, with the best service and price.

Water Coolers Melbourne

Perfect for use in the home or office, Aqua Safe stock a range of different Water Coolers to suit your requirements. Available in different colours and configurations, look no further than Aqua Safe for your Water Coolers.

Simply contact Aqua Safe for assistance. Supplying and servicing countless customers in Melbourne for over 18 years. We are the Melbourne water filter specialist.

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