Water Softener Filter Systems

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If you live in areas that typically have ‘hard’ water, it may be worth considering getting a water softener filter system as your home water filter system. Hard water refers to water that is high in calcium and magnesium. It is found in certain areas of Australia where bore water or treated town water are used. Hard water can contribute to clogging in pipes, leading to inefficient water flow and eventually needing pipes replaced. Our Kinetico Mach 2060s Water Softener will get the job done and eliminate all of your hard water-related issues. Using high quality softening resin in addition to generous system capacity, the Mach 2060s can turn your bore water into an unlimited supply of clean water for your household. It is important to test the water that will be treated before purchase as parts of the Mach 2060s’ system needs to be personalised to your water analyst.

The Mach 2060s uses a twin tank system powered by water flow instead of electricity. This means you don’t have to worry about replacing expensive electric components over time. The Kinetico Mach 2060s is highly efficient; it is able to monitor your water usage closely and only regenerate when needed. The result is clean water and a long-term solution to hard water.

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