Ultraviolet (UV) Light Water Filtration Systems for Home

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Ultra violet (UV) light is a natural part of sunlight and is a particular selection of wavelengths from the light spectrum. It damages the DNA molecules in bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms preventing them from replicating and surviving to cause harm. This natural process allows environmentally friendly and reliable water disinfection without chemical additives. The process was developed for water filtration in the fifties and sixties and has grown in use and popularity since. The technology itself dates back to the early 1900’s.

UV systems are now in use in almost every industry worldwide including Hospitals, hotels, schools, power stations, drinking water treatment, dairies, cheese factories, fish farms, food and beverage, water fountains, electronics manufacture, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc.

UV lamps need to be replaced periodically usually every 9-12 months to ensure adequate UV dose.

UV system advantages are:

  • No toxic by-products produced.
  • Cannot overdose the treated water.
  • Treatment is not sensitive to temperature and pH differences.
  • Has no smell or taste residual.
  • Requires very little contact time (seconds) versus minutes for chemical disinfection.
  • Simple installation, small amount of space required.
  • Low running and maintenance costs.
  • Does not effect minerals in the water.

UV systems will however have trouble operating in water with high levels of suspended solids, turbidity, colour, nitrates, sulfites, iron or hardness levels.

They come in a range of sizes to suit undersink and whole of house applications. The AS200UV system is designed for undersink installation to supply a filtered water faucet. Other larger systems can mount under the sink and supply the kitchen flickmixer or mount external to the house for whole of house applications.

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