Shower and Bath Water Filter Systems

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You wouldn’t drink unfiltered water, so why bathe in it? Shop our range of Shower and Bath Water Filter systems and do away with all the unwanted pollutants in your water supply. This is the perfect home water filter system as it removes 99.99 per cent of chlorine from your water supply so you can take a shower or a bath with peace of mind. Aside from chlorine, shower filters also remove rust (iron oxide), sediment, coarse dirt, and odours.

Our shower filters work by converting chlorine to harmless salt when it passes through the filter. 

Try our AquaSafe 45013 Shower Filter in your bathroom today and experience a real shower free from chlorine and sediment. Once you try our chrome steel shower filter you won’t ever go back to unfiltered showering again. And the best part is our shower filters are NSF certified to standard #177 for showered filtration, a considerably higher standard than the NSF certified filtration media. 

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