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Tank Water Sanitiser 5 Litre

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An odourless, tasteless, chlorine-free product designed specifically for tank water disinfection.


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An odourless, tasteless, chlorine-free product designed specifically for tank water disinfection. Aqua Safe’s tank water sanitiser disinfects water much the same as chlorine, destroying bacteria and viruses making it safer to drink. Unlike chlorine, Aqua Safe sanitiser is non toxic, completely safe to use and breaks down into oxygen and water. Suitable for tank, bore, river or dam water, killing over 60 different germs, bacteria, viruses, amoeba, biofilms and other pathogens. Sanitiser test strips are available to ensure correct levels are reached for adequate disinfection and maintained in the future, if required.

Most household water storage tanks are filled from rain or bore water providing clear chemical free water; however is it safe to drink. A large number of stomach complaints and associated illnesses in adults and especially children are caused by drinking rainwater contaminated with bacteria. Unfortunately, most of them you cannot see or taste.

When rain falls on the house or shed roof, it washes the dust, dirt, bird droppings and dead insects into the gutters and tank. A first flush diverter system will stop some of this problem but a lot still gets through every time it rains. This is where Aqua Safe tank water sanitiser comes in; killing the bacteria and viruses present in the water and preventing recontamination for up to 2 months. This long lasting sanitiser can protect water for up to 2 months under normal conditions, lasting a lot longer than chlorine without the offensive tastes, odour and by-products. Just 1 litre can sanitise and protect 15,000 litres of water; 1 drop can sanitise over 4 glasses of water; a low cost to protect your family and friends from water borne disease. Aqua Safe tank water sanitiser contains Sanosil, a patented stabilising ingredient that ensures slow release of the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide.

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* Contact Aqua Safe on 1300 661 735 for details on applicable NSF/ ANSI Standard 42, 51, 53, 58 or 61 products and particulars of manufacturer.

Free Delivery

Aqua Safe is proud to provide free delivery to anywhere in Australia for orders over $55.00. Deliveries are sent either by Australia Post or by Courier depending on where you live. All online orders are fast tracked through our warehouse for quick dispatch.

10 Year Warranty

Aqua Safe International warrants all residential water filtration systems to the original purchaser for a period of ten (10) years starting from the date of purchase provided the warranty is registered with Aqua Safe customer care.

This warranty covers defects in materials, components and workmanship and includes pressure limiting valves, connection fittings and isolation valves. Excluded are filter cartridges, inline filters, membranes, UV lamps, quartz lens and UV ballast.

Commercial water filtration systems are covered for a period of five (5) years to the original purchaser starting from the date of purchase provided the warranty is registered with Aqua Safe customer care.

This is a long standing warranty policy first implemented by the company in January 2005. Prior to this date all systems were covered by a 3 year warranty.

30 day "No Questions Asked" Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 30 day Unique "No Questions Asked" Satisfaction Guarantee on all new standard* residential water filtration systems.

If at any time during the first 30 days (starting from the date you receive the item) you are not 100% satisfied with the quality or performance of your filtration system, simply re-package the unit and send it back to us in "good condition" (used or unused) with a copy of the tax invoice and we will issue a full refund for the purchase price (excluding any installation costs if installed by Aqua Safe).

This allows our customers to purchase virtually risk free 24/7. Non-stock items or special order items are also excluded along with low cost ASBTRO4 units.

* Standard systems only. System with added options are excluded.

Watermark Approved Products

All Aqua Safe products are Watermark approved.


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