When does a ceramic filter element need replacing?

Ceramic Only
Once cleaning fails to restore the flow. Although, each individual candle does have a recommended capacity when used in normal conditions. The capacity for a specific element is quoted in within
the section dedicated to each filter element’s construction and performance.
Combination Filter Elements
In dual function systems cleaning the ceramic will not extend the life of the internal material. For example: the ‘life’ of the extruded carbon block in the Supercarb filter elements is determined by the concentrations of chlorine and/or volatile organic compounds in the supply water. In most cases, the filter element should be replaced after 6 – 12 months of daily use or 1000 US gallons. The particulate and turbidity concentration in the supply water governs the life of the ceramic, which may exceed or not achieve the capacity of the carbon insert. Whichever point is reached first governs when the filter element requires replacing – the six months usage or the ceramic becoming blocked to the extent where cleaning does not restore the flow.

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