What is the Water Quality Monitoring System?

This can be added as an option to the Reverse Osmosis system to indicate when the membrane or drainage line has blocked or failed so the membrane can be replaced and the high water quality maintained. Without this you are unable to tell when the membrane has failed or the unit is not operating correctly unless you test the water coming from the membrane with a TDS meter. A handheld TDS meter will test it at that point in time although you will need to disconnect tubing to get a reading from the membrane outlet rather than from the system as this will be after another carbon filter, pH balancing filter, re-mineraliser or Pi filter.

The water quality monitoring system displays the quality at the push of a button and monitors the membrane output 24 hours 7 days a week from day 1. It will also alarm you when the quality goes out of specification giving you peace of mind that you are always drinking purified water.

The ASRO4R system also has the option of a flow meter as the resin filter only treats a certain volume of water before it needs to be changed. This meter indicates the remaining volume left with filter and alarms when the volume of water has been treated. The filter can then be changed and the flow meter reset.

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