What is the size of the filter & the both storage tanksHow much are the replacement filtersIs the 1 micron carbon filter enough protection for the RO membrane in Newcastle& the PH of the water please


Can you please confirm which RO system you are referring to so we can confirm the dimensions.The 8 litre storage tank is 23cm D x 39cm H while the 12 tank is 28cm D x 39cm H. Both can be laid on there side or placed in another cupboard. A 1 micron pre-filter provides enough protection for the membrane especially with town water anywhere in Australia. The pH of the water coming from the RO system is typically 6.8 but does depend upon the pH of the water going into the unit and this varies all over the country. We do however recommend the use of a remineraliser, alkaliser or Pi filter after RO to increase the pH over 7.

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