I would like some information about the re mineralising cartridge .What kind of cartridge is it ? How doest it work ? How and what minerals are added into water? Can I have 6 stage filter- the resin to remove 99, 9 % the fluoride? How much does it cost

The remineralising cartridge is an inline 275mm long that is usually installed after the reverse osmosis filter process to raise the pH of the water. It can be installed as a final stage or installed before the last carbon filter to reduce the effects of the cartridge.

The cartridge contains a number of ceramic balls and mineral rocks that essentially add calcium into the water raising the pH to between 8-9.5 depending upon the incoming water. The cartridge also reduces the Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) of the water to between -25 to -180mv to assist the bodies metabolic functions.

A remineraliser can be added as 5th or 6th stage to a 4 stage reverse osmosis system and can be installed after a resin cartridge although it is already included as standard os the ASRO4R unit.

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