Do Reverse Osmosis filters remove everything from the water?

The simple answer is, No they don’t. Reverse osmosis systems filter down to 0.0005 microns, however many contaminants are smaller than this or are forced through the membrane due to design constraints or poor design. Some contaminants are removed by as much as 99% while many others are removed by only 30-50%. This can be seen by looking at membrane rejection tables.

The average contaminant removal by reverse osmosis filter systems is approximately 85%. This will vary depending upon the quality and number of contaminants in the water supply and the system design.

The performance of a reverse osmosis system can be checked by using a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter and should be between 7-10ppm.

To remove more contaminants an additional filtration stage is required. This involves one or more mixed bed DI resin filters that further purify the water removing 99.99% of contaminants. This Ultrapure water can be provided by the Aqua Safe ASRO4R system.

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