Is Bottled Water healthy?

Bottled spring water although promoted and marketed as being as fresh and clean as the water flowing from natural springs high up in untouched mountains with most brands thi is not the case. It is in most cases filtered town water with added salts to give it a particular flavour or character designed to attract and keep customers. It is also generally very acidic with a pH of around 4.0. Drinking water regularly with such a low pH is unhealthy for the human body.

Many studies have shown the quality of some brands to be worse than town water with regards to bacteria and chemicals and the cost is more than petrol. While some bottled water suppliers offer a quality convenient drink, it is more cost effective healthy and reliable to filter your own water and carry your own bottle when possible.

While bottled consumption continues to grow, in some cases this is because of convenience, in others this is because of perception that it is healthier. The water quality of bottled water is generally of a better quality than town water however this comes at a high cost both financially and environmentally. The cost of bottled water is up to $3.00 per litre while town water can be filtered to the same quality or better for as little as 0.2 cents per litre. From an environmental point of view their is substantially less green house gas emissions and use of resources such as oil when using filtered water as opposed to bottled water.

There is an upfront cost of buying a water filter, however this cost will be repaid within a few weeks with the savings of not buying bottled water. Sports bottles can also be filled from a home water filter for convenience at work, sport or the gym while helping the environment.

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