Is Aluminium linked to Alzheimer’s disease?

Over the last few decades there has been a large increase in Alzheimer’s disease within the Australian population. This increase has been linked to the widespread use of aluminium salts to purify town water supplies. In the April 1995 issue of The International Science Journal, Neuron-toxicology an Australian research group reported the widespread use of Aluminium salts in drinking water purification may account for the large scale loss of memory experienced by Alzheimer suffers.

The Australian Institute of Biomedical Research based in Sydney, have conducted experiments with rate to show that tiny amounts of aluminium consumed in water found its way to their brains and accumulated there. It has also been known since the 1970’s that if aluminium accumulated in the brain over a period of time it could kill off neurons and cause memory loss. The accumulation of eating and drinking it over a life time can lead to a substantial build-up by the time we in our 70’s or more.

Based on widespread research, use of aluminium salts to purify water is being phased out along with the use and sale of aluminium pots and pans?

Aluminium, is however still widely used in food emulsifiers, anti-persperant deodorants, toothpastes and many cooking utensils. All of these products are adding to our lifetime exposure and build-up.

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