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Pool Stick Testimonials

Ari – Canberra

"The chlorine consumption has dropped, the pool and spa levels are much more stable, the pH and chlorine levels do not fluctuate as much as before, we have reduced our chemical usage by about 40% and there is a lot lower smell from the spa now. The pool is much easier to look after."

Gina – Gold Coast

"I saved nearly $200.00 worth of salt and chemicals in the first 2 months. The pool guys come and check it now, nothing really needs to be added anymore, it costs so much less than before and the pool looks great."

Thomas – Gold Coast

"I have never had a pool before, the pool stick sounded great. I don’t really check the chlorine or pH levels. I put the stick in the pool in February and it seemed to work really well. I ended up turning the (salt water) chlorinator off in about September and its only started to get a green tinge now (mid December)."

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