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Pool Stick Q&A

Are you sick of going to your local pool shop and spending a fortune?

How does the Enviro Pool Stick Work?

The 21st Century patented technology utilizes photo-catalytic porous ceramic crystals incorporated with nano-titanium dioxide to oxidise organic suspended matter such as body oils, bacteria, viruses and algae in the pool. Less suspended mater means less chlorine, less chemicals and a more consistent pH and balanced pool. It uses energy from the sun or artificial lights to recharge the crystals.

When placed in the pool, the Enviro Pool Stick then attracts organic matter oxidizing or destroying the contaminant on contact. This happens in a fraction of a second leaving nothing behind. Nothing is added to the water and contaminants are oxidized into carbon dioxide and water. It is stronger and better at doing this than chlorine or ozone.

What are the benefits of the Enviro Pool Stick

  • Reduces the amount of chemicals you and your children are exposed to and saves a lot of money.
  • Gives you a crystal clear pool with less smell and is easier to manage.
  • Greatly enhances the performance of your existing chlorine, salt or mineral system.
  • Less chemicals in your pool giving you cleaner, clearer, softer higher quality water.
  • Less maintenance and water balance adjustments giving more time to enjoy your pool.
  • Uses energy from the sun to save you money, time and chemicals.
  • Helps prevent your skin and hair from drying out.
  • Saves water by reducing the contaminant load on the filter thereby reducing the number of filter back washes or cartridge cleans and water wastage.
  • Good for the environment; less chemicals.
  • Helps stabilize and balance the pool reducing chemicals making it easier to maintain your pool.
  • Reduces the requirement for regular superchlorinations.
  • No moving parts. Installation is a breeze……….. it only takes a few seconds to insert into your cartridge filter, skimmer box or place directly into your pool.
  • It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, simply add it to your pool and sit back while it works for you.

Is it Safe and What does it add to the Water?

  • Absolutely, it uses the same processes found in nature, adding no chemicals or compounds to the water. Contaminants and organic matter is oxidised into carbon dioxide and water.

Will the pool maintenance be any different?

  • There will be less maintenance required to keep the pool stabilized and balanced, less time testing and adding chemicals, less time cleaning the pool and filter.

How do I know if the Enviro Pool Stick is working?

  • The pool water should look clearer, the chlorine or pool sanitizer consumption should decrease and the pH and alkalinity should become more stable with less fluctuations.

How often do I need to charge the Enviro Pool Stick with sunlight or light?

  • The Enviro Pool Stick needs light to recharge the crystals every 3-7 days when located in a filter or similar dark environment. If located in the pool or skimmer pox, the Enviro Pool Stick can obtain enough light to recharge without being moved.

How long does it take to charge the Enviro Pool Stick?

  • A couple of hours in sunlight or artificial light will keep the stick working for another 3-7 days.

Does it matter where I put the Enviro Pool Stick in my pool?

  • No, as long as it can get light or be retrieved regularly and placed in light. The stick will generally move around a pool with use and cleaning anyway.

Does it filter the water?

  • No, the Enviro Pool Stick oxidizes organic matter in the pool either attracting it and retaining it in the stick or oxidizing it, reducing it to carbon dioxide and water.

Do I still need to use chlorine or my other sanitisers?

  • Yes, the Enviro Pool Stick reacts with the pool sanitizer to oxidise the organic matter. The Enviro Pool Stick is not a sanitizer like chlorine, these are needed to keep your pool safe to swim in.

Is the Enviro Pool Stick affected by Temperature?

  • No, temperature does not affect the performance of the Enviro Pool Stick, neither does weather or pool usage.

Will the Enviro Pool Stick stain or effect my pool?

  • No, the Enviro Pool Stick does not add anything to the pool nor does it effect the chemistry of any pool products or sanitisers and leaves behind no by-products.

When do I replace my Enviro Pool Stick?

  • After 12 months or sooner if the balance or stability of the pool starts to bounce and the chlorine/sanitizer usage increases or the pool starts to look cloudy.

How do I dispose of my Enviro Pool Stick?

  • The Enviro Pool Stick can be placed in a normal garbage bin for disposal or returned to Aqua Safe for plastics recycling.

Does it work in Salt Water Pools, Bromine Pools, Mineral Pools, etc.

  • The Enviro Pool Stick does not add any chemicals to the pool and is not affected by the pH or chemical composition of the pool water therefore the Enviro Pool Stick is able to work in all types of pools from chlorine, salt water to mineral pools.

Do I have to put the Enviro Pool Stick in the Pool?

  • No, the Enviro Pool Stick can be placed inside the pool filter cartridge or 3 of the pool stick mini’s can be placed in the skimmer box where they are not seen at all.

Why is it easier to control pH and keep the pool stabilized and balanced?

  • The more organic and suspended mater in the pool, the more chemicals required to maintain the water, the more chemicals added to a pool the greater the effect on water pH and balance.
  • The Enviro-Pool Stick also removes oils and body fats from the pool, enabling the water to hold more calcium in solution, improving the balance and stability of the pool.

Can the Enviro Pool Stick be removed from the pool during use?

  • Yes of course, simply take it out and put it aside while the pool is being used and place it back in when the pool is vacated.

Will my Automatic Pool Cleaner affect the Enviro Pool Stick?

  • No, the Pool Cleaner will move it around the pool and out of the way. It is too big for any automatic pool cleaner to "suck up" or damage.

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