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Pool Equipment

Pools can be low maintenance but not maintenance free. With a little regular maintenance and some automatic equipment your pool can provide hours of fun and enjoyment without big expense and a lot of work.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

These units come in all shapes and sizes and at varying expense. They do however save a lot of time and cost of chemicals. The more dirt and organic matter in the pool the greater the chlorine or sanitiser usage will be and the more it will cost to run the pool. Doing this manually takes a while and often just never gets done. It is best to have something (even a low cost unit) then to have nothing at all.

Automatic Pool Clarifier

There are many on the market, all except one add more chemicals to the water. The majority bind the organic matter together and flocculate/drop it to the floor where it can be vacuumed up. If this does not happen the attraction is lost and the particles go back into solution.

The Enviro Pool Stick does not add any chemicals to the water and in fact uses energy from the sun/light to oxidise organic mater such algae, suntan lotion, hair oils, body fats and perspiration. This saves a lot of chemicals, chlorine and sanitiser and reduces the pump and filter running times. This leads to a lot less time required to maintain your pool and a lot less cost. The Enviro Pool Stick requires no installation and lasts around 12 months.

Automatic Chlorination

Floating chlorine dispensers are the easiest way to automatically dispense chlorine in a pool. Most use stabilised chlorine tablets which slowly dissolve in the water. This way the pool is still getting chlorine added while you are away on holidays.

Automatic units can also be added to the filtration pipework. Chlorine is then automatically dispensed when the pump and filtration system is operated.

Salt Water Chlorinators

These units automatically manufacture chlorine adding it into the pool water return after the filter. They come in various sizes depending upon the pool size and the time available to operate.

Salt Water Chlorinators generally have a chlorinator cell consisting of parallel titanium plates coated with ruthenium or iridium. Older models have perforated or mesh plates rather than solid plates. The electrolytic process used to create the chloride from the salt also attracts calcium and other minerals to the plates. The plates therefore require cleaning in a mild acid solution (hydrochloric acid) to remove the buildup. Excessive buildup can considerably reduce the effectiveness of the cell.

Running the chlorinator for long periods with not enough salt in the pool can also strip the coating off the cell plates requiring their replacement.

Pump – Filtration Timer

Electrical timers can be purchased from just about any hardware store for a low cost. These can then be installed into the pump power point (as recommended by the manufacturer) and programmed to start and stop the pump and filtration system automatically at the required time on the desired days. This way it does not get forgotten and can operate for the required time.

All timers should be disconnected and power isolated or locked out before working on or servicing any electrical equipment or pool equipment.

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