Coffee Machine Water Filters

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Why choose an Aqua Safe Selecto Filtration System?

  • They are specifically designed for commercial applications, providing outstanding performance in removing elements that negatively impact taste, odour, appearance and machine efficiency.
  • In a growing number of towns and cities throughout the country, chloramine is being used to disinfect water. The ammonia in chloramine affects taste, turns stainless steel a dull grey and causes equipment to corrode. Selecto filtration systems have the highest chloramine removal performance of any system on the market; removing 30 times more than conventional carbon block filters. In fact they remove 99% of chloramine, 40 times more dirt and last up to 10 times longer than traditional carbon filters.
  • All systems meet or exceed NSF/ANSI standards.

Why is the Selecto range of filters growing in popularity?

  • The filters have higher filtration capacity lasting up to 10 times longer.
  • They have up to 40 times more dirt holding capacity.
  • 30 times more chloramine reduction.
  • Superior water purification.
  • High flow rates.
  • Sizes and filtration media to meet every need.
  • Adaptable filters to meet changing needs.
  • Modular filter design for quicker more efficient installation with minimal space requirement.
  • No pre-filter required.

How are Selecto Filters different?

  • Selecto’s proprietary hollow carbon technology, turbo flow and modular construction are unique.
  • Hollow carbon particles are extremely porous and unlike traditional carbon filters, no polymeric binders are used to glue the carbon particles together. Without polymeric binders the entire surface of every particle is able to absorb impurities, significantly improving performance.
  • To further enhance the filters performance, turbo and radial flow are used to scrub the water as it passes through the filter.
  • Modular construction makes installation quick, easy and efficient, little wonder why these systems are industry leaders and in a class of their own.
  • Quick filter changes without any tools.
  • Nylon construction for added strength and high operating pressures.
  • NSF/ ANSI Standard 42 and 53 certification (contact Aqua Safe on 1300 661 735 or for details on manufacturer and certification)
  • 100% performance guarantee.
  • Highest flow rate of any comparable filter system.
  • Sanitary quick change cartridge, twist and change, no need for tools or to sanitise the filter housings.

Aqua Safe and Selecto: names you can trust and rely on.

  • Recognised as industry innovators and pioneers.
  • All systems meet or exceed NSF/ANS1 standards.
  • Research and development focuses on current and future water contamination issues.
  • An experienced team of scientists and engineers analyse and develop unique and technologically advanced products.
  • Selecto is the only company in the industry with the expertise to develop their own filtration media and currently hold 17 patents (plus several patents pending) for water filtration systems and water treatment media.
  • Selecto media is also used in many other popular brands of filtration products.
  • They have decades of success providing food service solutions.

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Coffee, Tea and Espresso Applications

Coffee and other similar hot drinks are 98% water so using purified water is not only critical to great taste it is also critical in being able to duplicate that taste every time in every location. Purified water preserves brand quality, extends equipment longevity (by reducing scale build up and pitting of heating elements), reduces maintenance costs and best of all keeps you customers coming back for more.

Coffee / Tea / Espresso Product Matrix

Coffee Filter Selection Guide

Average No. of Coffee Bags (1kg) Used Per Week vs Litres Filtered/ Year

Filter Model 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 50 60 70 80 100
CoffeePro 10 1,100 2,150 3,250 4,300 5,400 6,500 7,550
QC CoffeePro 4,300 5,400 6,500 7,550 8,650 11,000 13,200 15,400 17,600 22,000
SMF CoffeePro 6,500 7,550 8,650 11,000 13,200 15,400 17,600 22,000

Based On; 85 shots/1kg bag, 35mls/shot, 15% added for Tea & 15% added or Machine Cleaning.

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