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What is Fluoride?

The majority of fluoride is either a by-product of aluminium production or artificially produced. It is sold to government and councils around the world saving companies millions of dollar in disposal costs. This chemical is injected into town water supplies to reduce the incidence of tooth decay in children. Many studies have been undertaken over the last 50 years to prove or disprove the effectiveness of the product in preventing tooth decay. From the evidence available there appears to be as many studies concluding the benefits of its use as there are those concluding the dangers and ineffectiveness of the product.

The fluoride used in town water is either a by-product or artificial and man made as opposed to natural fluoride found in rocks and soil. Artificial fluoride is a different product altogether. It is an extremely corrosive dangerous chemical. While many dentist support its use there is an ever growing group of those who don’t.

Fluoride is currently included in just about all available toothpastes. Many countries and towns that have been putting fluoride into their water supplies for many years are now discontinuing this.

The Nazis under Hitler used fluoridation during WWII to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination, control and loss of liberty. The Russians have also used fluoride/fluoridation in the past for the same reason.

There are maximum levels set for the dosing of fluoride into town water supplies, however the chemical has a different weight and density to that of water and can therefore accumulate in water mains overnight or during the day. Water then used from these mains can have higher levels of fluoride.

Consumers need to make up their own mind as to whether they want to leave it in their drinking water or remove it although it is a difficult chemical to remove and requires specialised filters or reverse osmosis systems.

The effects of Fluoride on the body

Do you know the majority of councils and water authorities around the country add fluoride to the water; as well as chlorine or chloramines?

The current approved level of fluoridation is approx 1ppm (parts per million). Fluoridation has been carried out for decades and promoted as a means of reducing dental decay in the community. Fluoride is a naturally occurring compound containing fluorine. However the fluoride added by councils and water authorities is the byproduct of heavy industry; such as aluminium production.

The down side of fluoridation is the quantity of 1ppm is applied to all people drinking the water regardless of the individual’s rate of consumption, diet, health and age. Like other aspects of our dietary intake; such as vitamins, minerals or sugar, at the right levels they are harmless or beneficial. But higher levels can cause a malaise of health problems and at extreme intake levels, death. Fluoride accumulates within the body, with research showing individuals being over exposed to fluoride can have dental and skeletal fluorosis, associated arthritis, as well as impacting on thyroid and pineal gland function.

High levels of fluoride can cause fluoridosis or tooth decay. Fluoride and Fluoridation has also been said to cause cancer based on studies carried out in America in 1980.

In 2010 the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) released information that dental fluorosis was a problem for 41% of children in the United States between the ages of 12-15.

How to remove Fluoride?

Fluoride is extremely difficult to remove from the water once added; and many people who already filter their water are unaware that their filtration system is not designed to also remove fluoride.

Standard carbon filters of any type are unable to remove fluoride without the addition of special media and even with this media added, they will only remove up to 40%. To remove higher percentages requires reverse osmosis, distillation, resin, alumina or bone char. Reverse osmosis removes approximately 96% and requires resin post cartridges to achieve >99.99% reduction. Distillation removes a higher percentage but is a batch process and is not considered user friendly. Alumina based systems such as the AquaSafe AS280 remove approximately 93% of fluoride but are not suitable for use in bench top systems or incorrectly designed under bench systems as very small trace amounts can under some circumstances leach into the water requiring removal.

We supply a range of Fluoride Filter Systems which remove 90%+ of fluoride from the drinking water, or cartridges which remove up to 40% of fluoride and fit into existing filtration systems.

The AquaSafe ASRO4 system is the recommend reverse osmosis system for home and residential use.

Aquasafe supplies a range of filtration systems which remove 90%+ of fluoride from the drinking water, or cartridges which remove up to 40% of fluoride and fit into existing filtration systems. Our full range of Fluoride filters is available at

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Prenatal Fluoride and Autism (Townsend Letter April 2016)

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