Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

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Need a replacement cartridge for your water filter? We’ve got replacement cartridges for virtually every type of water filter on the market. Need replacement cartridges for your shower, refrigerator, under sink and benchtop water systems, whole house or caravan? We’ve got all that and more here at Aquasafe.

Under Sink Replacement Cartridges

Designed for homes, caravans, and RVs, these under sink water filter replacement cartridges reduce or remove sediment, chlorine, taste, giardia, cryptosporidium, and more from your water filters. With a wide range of replacement cartridges available, come in-store and talk to one of our professionals to see what’s right for your water filter.

Benchtop Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

These cartridges are designed for water filter systems that sit atop the bench. Try the AquaSafe AS001K9 9″ KDF Carbon Filter if you have the AS100, AS200 and AS280 systems. This filter will reduce or remove sediment, chlorine, colour, taste, odour, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides and has easy replacement instructions right on the filter itself.

Shower Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

Shower water filter cartridges remove chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, heavy metals such as iron oxide (rust), sediment, odours, and also restore the water’s pH balance to between 7 and 7.3 if your water’s pH is already low. These filters have been NSF Certified to Standard #177 for free chlorine removal.

View the Filter cartridge selection table to find out which cartridge is right for your system.

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