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Enviro Pool Stick Selection

The Enviro Pool Stick is designed to manage pools up to 38,000 litres in volume. For pools over this size we recommend 2 pool sticks be placed in the pool or six pool stick minis placed in the skimmer box. Please contact us for pools over 65,000 litres.

Pools under 10,000 litres in volume can also use a single pool stick although a pool stick mini would be adequate depending upon the quality of the pool filtration and how often the pool is used and cleaned.

Summer Pools or Temporary Pools erected for a few months every year over summer can remove the pool stick at the end of summer, let it stand indoors and dry out then store it in a sealed box away from light ready for the following summer. In these circumstances the Enviro Pool Stick may last for 2 years.

If you are unsure please contact us.

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